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Commissions Open Stamp by izka197

If you'd like to discuss commissions, shoot me a note !

Also if you're interested in adopts, please take a look! :iconsilversiddsells: : D That's also my main account for taking on/posting commission vuv

SiddDraws on tumblr
flofest on wysp


Gardens Not Walked by DarkerPersnicketer
Gardens Not Walked
Wild, untended, forgotten, but perhaps more beautiful for it.

was on call and got kinda nostalgic. there're some things with asher I'd love to do lil comic strips for, but time's always an issue haha.
extra smol by DarkerPersnicketer
extra smol
mateo's Dad instincts kicked in and he had to help Lilita carry her groceries 8u

sweet smol lilita -- :iconelleybug:

WR: 4
Transyre: Mateo Hardwidge by DarkerPersnicketer
Transyre: Mateo Hardwidge

|†|  " ??? "  |†|


Full Name: Mateo D. Hardwidge

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: September 22 1976

Age: 38

Height: 6'2''

Weight: 210 lb

Occupation: Part time at the used clothing shop, part time as a gatherer [grocery store as second choice job]


Intelligence: 10/20

Wisdom: 5/20

Resolve: 5/20

Strength: 11/20

Dexterity: 9/20

Magic: 0/20

Presence: 10/20

Charisma: 3/20

Influence: 9/20


Strengths & Skills:

- Quick learner. He's very dedicated to learning, particularly if he feels he can't provide anything useful where he is. Given that there's not much mechanical in Transyre, he's definitely been trying to find ways to adapt what he knows to help the town.

- Resourceful. Mateo has always relied on his hands for his livelihood, from construction to mechanics to helping with Nadira's gardens. If he can find even vague instructions or reference of some kind, he has a good chance of successfully creating things.

- Sympathetic. Endlessly patient, especially with people who suffer from nerves or shyness. Not as endless with people who are obnoxious or rude.


- Is so lost when it comes to this whole magic and monsters thing. He picked up a few plant superstitions from his ex wife but he has no idea if any of them are reliable. He's pretty out of his depth, attributing to his wisdom stat.

- Passive/pushover. So long as someone is confident about whatever they're doing, unless it's blatantly harmful to themselves or others, he won't argue too much. He will also take shit from people for longer than he should, do favors, and take on other people's work simply because they asked.

- His temper, which years ago motivated him to be passive. He knows his temper makes him stupid and if someone manages to trigger his temper he'll shut up and just wait through whatever is making him angry, hoping that he'll get to blow off steam alone later. If he hits the tipping point before then, well. Rip.


-- 7 1/2 inch hunting knife

- Brawler. In his bar hopping days he was prone to fights, and while he may not be in as peak shape as he was then, he still knows how to throw his weight to his advantage until he can build up his strength again.

Personality| Generous, friendly, cooperative, earnest, insecure, worrier, bad temper

Warm and good natured, Mateo's used to getting on with most people, and is patient with those who are prone to nerves. He takes to whatever he does with optimism (or at least tries to) and dedication, both easily disheartened by personal failure and reluctant to accept that failure, always wanting to put something he's broken to rights. Fatherhood mellowed out the sometimes overwhelming passion of his teenage years, but it was divorce that quieted his naturally fierce character. He's still trying to compensate for his past failings as a father and a husband, and manage the chronic problems that attributed to them. Whenever anyone needs help he's always ready to lend a hand. Sometimes too ready. On the flip side, he's not keen on talking about his history, and is reluctant to accept help for himself.


[tl;dr: Mateo was born to a loving family, fathered a daughter at 17, and lived happily with wife and child for several years. Between some health issues and budding alcoholism, his marriage became strained and ultimately ended in divorce; several years of self reflection and rehabilitation later, he's on good terms with ex-wife and daughter, and is on a cross-country trip to visit that daughter when he has a car accident and unfortunately wanders into the woods.]

Mateo was born to a low-middle income family in north Texas, two sisters preceding him and a brother following. Family life was content and his parents managed to juggle money to keep everyone afloat; the kids got along as well as siblings do, generally stayed out of trouble and easily found ways to entertain themselves with what they had.

Childhood slipped by and when he was seventeen, Mateo was dating Nadira, a classmate, and they were not as careful as they should have been. Nadira finished high school through her pregnancy while Mateo dropped out, picking up full time work in his uncle's autoshop to support her; while both families were supportive to varying degrees, neither could offer much in the way of monetary support. Nine months later their daughter was born and a stressful but ultimately happy chapter in their lives began. Years passed and along the way they got married, found themselves a modest apartment, and lovingly raised a single daughter.

Mateo took to fatherhood like a fish takes to water, absolutely fascinated by her and full of love for both her and Nadira -- the second of which went into business as a florist and herbalist, supported by Mateo's odd jobs until she had an established storefront and became the main breadwinner of the household.

In his mid twenties, Mateo's mental health took a turn. Used to being thoroughly self sufficient and independent, as well as coming from an environment that didn't really acknowledge his troubles as real problems, he failed to recognize what was happening and resisted offers of help. He began to drink. He began to get angry. It was during this period that his daughter first heard her father raise his voice towards her mother, and towards herself. By the time Mateo was about thirty, he and Nadira had separated and he finally accepts help.

Jump to current day and Mateo has been sober and stable for five years, driving cross-country to visit his daughter when a tire bursts in the middle of nowhere, near a forest. Thinking he sees someone inside, he makes the poor decision of pursuing them.



Likes: Building, camping, passionate people, any machines he can get his hands on, chilly weather, animals, eating, music

Dislikes: Heights, insomnia, fruits with many seeds, verbal conflict, being powerless, empty praise, bears


- Ethnicity: Hispanic on both sides, born in North Texas. Nadira was born in West India, and moved with the rest of her family when she was a child.

- Musically inclined. Walked into Transyre with a guitar, a wallet and the clothes on his back (clothes that he replaced as soon as possible after arriving).

- Magic weirds him out in a way, but at the same time he finds it pretty cool. Just not so big on when it touches him.

- Pierced his ears when he was younger and while he hasn't worn earrings in years, the holes remain.

- His ex-wife is a witch, a fact that somehow escaped Mateo's notice all his life.

- Has chronic depression.

- Tattoos


CHATROOM AVAILABILITY: Evenings and weekends

IM AVAILABILITY: I prefer skype but anythin's chill

SKYPE NAME: Note me please!

ROLEPLAY SAMPLE: I prefer lit but I kinda just role with however my partner's doin things!

Air hissing outside his cracked windows was the only sound Mateo could really hear. There wasn't much besides his damaged tires to make noise on this tired road to nowhere, birds too lazy to chirp in the orange glow of late evening. Even the trees, quaintly lining the road's right side, failed to rustle. He lifted his forehead from the steering wheel it had been resting against, yawning, racking his fingers through his hair and leaning back in the driver's seat of his too-old truck. He didn't ride in anything anyone would call style, but like hell he'd believe any of the tires were worn enough to burst like one had, wouldn't be much of a mechanic if he'd missed that. For a third time he held down the power button of his iphone and for a third time it was confirmed that the old piece of junk was dead as a doornail. To be honest he wasn't even sure who he'd call, too far from any road friends. There was supposed to be a town nearby, right? But he felt like he'd taken a wrong turn at some point. Though. . .if he squinted into the trees,  was that a light? Not like he had any better leads, and he wouldn't get anywhere sittin on his ass. After shoving his keys under his seat, he grabbed his wallet and reached back for his guitar, swinging it over his shoulder once he'd stepped out and given his truck roof a comforting pat. For probably the last time, Mateo hummed a tune as he walked under the canopy of trees.


CORRUPTION: Y/N (Example: corruption by Tree Spirits, manipulation by a spell, etc.)

BODY MODIFICATION: Y/N (Example: loss of an arm, the gift of wings from a spell, etc.)

INJURY: Y/N (Example: broken arms, severe chest cut, sprained ankle, etc.)

DEATH: Y/N (Self explainatory. Your OC dies. You are free to replace them with another OC!)



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